VPI Pet Insurance is the BEST!

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When I adopted my Rottweiler Sophie in 2014 I immediately signed up for VPI insurance through my employer and I am so glad I did. Unfortunately, she tore both her ACL's and required TPLO surgeries to repair. I cannot express the relief I had when I realized this surgery would be covered. When I told my veterinarian I had VPI, he said "that's great, you are all set!' This surgery is very intense and expensive, but the only way to provide relief for this injury. Both surgeries have been done and Sophie is acting like her old self again! I tell everyone at work they need to sign up for this benefit!

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Torn ACL in both back legs, TPLO surgeries to repair
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 11/30/2018

This insurance is the absolute worst!! If I had known that I would be paying on a policy for four years and NEVER using it, but when I needed it for my baby boy's terminal heart issue that I would only receive $275 after spending thousands to keep him alive and in a quality state I wouldn't have purchased this policy from the start. This is a tremendous rip off and an absolute waste of my money. I will make sure that anyone within my circle or whoever I encounter will EVER go through this. By me paying on this policy for FOUR YEARS, I would have came out on top by never having this insurance. My God, the majority of the time when pets as well as humans get sick it's a heredity issue. Therefore, if you are seeking insurance for your pooch BUYER BEWARE this insurance will only give you $275 regardless of what you have spent when it's a heredity issue. As far as I'm concerned I only contributed to keep your employees employed and any bonuses you have issued. Trust me this is a painful lesson learned. VERY UNSATISFIED!!

Posted: 07/31/2019
By: Paula

I have a very healthy dog and 3 healthy cats. I want an insurance policy that will work for us.