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Pets Plus Us is a leading Canadian pet insurer whose goal is to help pet owners deal with all the joys and challenges of pet ownership. As well as making vet bills more manageable, Pet Plus Us provides its Blue Ribbon Benefits free with any coverage plan. Learn more about Pets Plus Us plan options, read customer reviews and get a quote so you can make an informed choice about your pet insurance provider.

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POSTED: | BY: Miranda Stavrides

Pleasantly surprised!

I honestly have nothing bad to say about this company! They have exceeded my expectations at all times. My pup had temporary exclusions which they reviewed as promised and promptly removed (because they did not reoccur in one year period). I was concerned that what my vet tech wrote in her medical notes would dissuade them because the same leg was affected that was excluded temporarily. They knew that this was a different medical situation altogether. They also paid for my dog's anaplasma treatment despite the fact that it was too early in the season for my pup to be taking preventatives (and we were switching from isozaxoline class because they are quite frankly dangerous for many dogs) yet he was still bitten by a black legged tick (FYI your dog must be on prevention to be covered for tick borne diseases). They understood that March 30th was a bit early to be bitten and not that I had refused to give it to him. I honestly feel like they are reasonable people and am fine with the fact that it takes about a month to get your claim paid out. Of course, I wish it would be direct payment, but it is okay that it isn't because what counts most is not paying for insurance that is constantly trying to deny my claim (which they do not do). I would recommend! The only down side is we miss Annie, the claim representative that was always super pleasant and helpful!!! (she has taken on another role)... :)

out of 10

POSTED: | BY: Tara Gordon

Still Waiting

Where to start... I have two dogs. One who turned 8 this year and has been on Pets Plus Us since he was 8 weeks back in 2015. I would rate my experience with Pets Plus Us with him a 10 out of 10. My only pet peeve is that the claims process went from 3-7 days back in 2015 and 2016 to nearly 25 days now. This is frustrating when paying by credit card and wanting to make the payment before interest starts accumulating around the 20 day mark. Other than the slow claims process for even pre-approved claims, I have never been denied a claim with him. The customer service has been awesome and every person I have spoken with has been respectful and so very kind. Pets Plus Us has saved me over $15k! My experience with my 8 year old has far exceeded my current experience with my 4 month old. I would rate my experience with her about a 2 out of 10 because I enrolled her a bit early at 5.5 weeks old (there were no pop-ups to warn me about an early enrollment, no one reached out to tell me that I would need to cancel and re-enroll when my puppy hit 7 weeks old, and the website did not stop me from enrolling (which I figured it would when enrolling her at 5.5 weeks so I could ensure a payment date on the 15th of each month). The only way I found out that I had to move my enrollment date was when I reached out to find out what was happening only to be told then that I enrolled her too early. The lady I spoke with was very nice and canceled the initial policy to move my inception date to June 6th (it was now early July!). She mentioned I would be refunded for the month of June and that my waiting periods for accident and illness would already be met. She also said they would charge me for the month of June and July. She said she would note on my file to please speed up the underwriting since I had already waited nearly two month since my initial enrollment back in mid-May. At no point did she indicate I should get the breeder's vet's medical files for my puppy. I called the next day on July 6th to check to ensure everything was processed that I was told would be processed. I spoke to a different lady who asked about the breeder's vet's medical records. She suggested to get those medical records to help speed up the underwriting process and reduce any further delays. I gave her the information I had and she emailed the breeder's vet and CC'd me. Again another fantastic customer service rep. She said she couldn't make any promises (fair enough), but that she too would see if they could move my file up the underwriting line since it had been so long. Yesterday (July 27th), I called to find out what was happening. Well, it turns out my file went to the back of the line and I am now waiting another 30 days from July 11th! So essentially, due to lack of communication on there part, I have gone from mid-May waiting for the underwriting to nearly 30 business days from July 11th (this is ridiculous and I should not have to wait another 30 days when they could have reached out to ask for those records the day I enrolled or had a pop to ask for those records. People buying a puppy don't think to ask the breeder for the vets medical files we think about picking up a puppy and taking it to our own vet to get checked over and sending in our vets files (which for me was 2 days after picking up my puppy. The company received my vets medical file of the initial puppy check on June 7th! Overall, this means I will have paid for 3 months (come August 3rd - It is not July 27th) for essentially no information and what I believe is no coverage even though they tell me I am covered. The reason I say no coverage is because I am worried about making a claim during this time before the underwriting comes in because I am worried they will use any claims between after the waiting period ends and before the underwriting is finished to add exclusions, which is not right. I am appalled at the service I am experiencing with my puppy compared to the service I get with my 8 year old. This is terrible service in contrast to my 8 year old. How can the company justify someone paying for over three months of service (it will be the later half of August before I am to get the underwriting and know what I am and am not paying for and still not have the full coverage because the underwriting is not done. The website says this, "We’ll seek out useful information and be transparent in sharing with you the things we believe will impact your decisions, grow your knowledge and empower you in order to act in the best interest of your pet." and the website also says, "Know what’s covered from the start - insurers call this “underwriting upfront”. We look at your pet’s health records and tell you if anything’s not covered when you purchase, so there are no surprises later on. Well, the company never did seek out useful information and waiting for me to reach out first (lack of communication on their part) and we are well past the start of enrollment which, if something happens to my puppy before the underwriting comes through, may lead to surprises. I just want to know what is and is not covered and it should not take nearly three months from my initial enrollment to know due to being pushed to the back of the line when the company couldn't reach out to tell me right away that they needed the breeder's vet's medical files for my puppy! Overall, I am hit and miss about recommending Pets Plus Us to others.

out of 10

POSTED: | BY: Tara Gordon

When it works, it REALLY WORKS

My experience with Pets Plus US has been a double edged sword. This review is on my 7 year old dog who has been enrolled since 8 weeks of age back in 2015. In 2015 - 2017 I would have rated Pets Plus Us a 10 out 0f 10. From 2018- 2022 I have rated the company an 8 out of 10 with customer service being a 10 out of 10 and claims being a 7 out of 10. Claim used to process within 3-7 business days until they changed underwriters back in 2016 or 2017 and in doing so the claims times have steadily increased to over 20 days. The only problem with this is that many people pay with credit card and credit card companies start charging interest at the 20-25 day mark so this makes it hard to keep interest from cropping up when you just want to pay the credit card off. Further, even with pre-approved claims the time isn't any faster (one would think it would be since it was preapproved). I have to complaints about the claims process itself. My dog has no exclusions so everything that he has gone through has been covered, it is just the time between submitting the claim and getting reimbursed that is starting to get very frustrating. Pets Plus Us has saved me over $14000 in costs. My dog was diagnosed with seasonal allergies at a year old and since that time they have covered his Cytopoint shots, medicated shampoo and any other vet visits in relation to his allergies or any other illnesses or accidents. So they have been absolutely amazing in helping me keep him healthy. I just wish the claims process for reimbursements was faster.

out of 10

POSTED: | BY: Tara Gordon

Still Waiting

Where to start... I have two dogs enrolled with Pets Plus Us. One dog is 7 years old and has been enrolled since 8 weeks. I have rated Pets Plus Us a 8 out of 10 for him. The underwriting was quick back in 2015, claims were quick before they changed underwriting companies about four or five years ago. Things have really changed since then. Now to the review I am here for.... I have a puppy (currently 4 months old) who I enrolled a little early (at 6 weeks - one week early) and the website didn't prevent me from enrolling a week early nor did it flash a message telling me I was a week early. After the free month and having paid for the next month, I reached out to find out what was happening with the underwriting as they sent me an initial policy and even in that email no one said I was a week too early. When I made the call, it was then that I was told I enrolled to early and they would have to change my enrollment date but that I had already satisfied the waiting periods so would not have to start over completely (which was nice). I asked about the underwriting and was told they would put a note on my file to try to speed it up since I had already waited a month. I was told I would get a refund for the month I paid and they would change the enrollment date and retake the amount for June and July. Fair enough. A day later, I called to make sure everything was in order. I was told that it would speed up the process if I could get the breeder's vet information to get their files on the puppy. No one mentioned or asked for the breeder's vet files before (not in the previous month and a half). I am the one who has initiated all communication to try and get the underwriting done so I know what is and is not covered so there are no surprises. They have had my vet's initial puppy visit file since June 7th. Between June 7th and July 7th (an entire month) they never contacted about breeder's vet information. July 7th is when I spoke to a very nice lady who was the one who told me to get the breeder's vet information to speed things up. It was sent the same day. It is now July 26th and I am still waiting for the underwriting. For a company that says they are upfront about exclusions, it is pretty hard to trust that statement when they can't even get the underwriting done in a reasonable amount of time. I understand the pandemic has made thing very difficult and there is not enough staff, and therefore understand that timelines are extended but when I have reached out several times and each time more is needed and I have already paid for two months nearing a third month, I need to be able to make a decision to continue with the insurance or cancel it and the underwriting is a big piece of that decision. Further, when it is me initiating the communication to try and get things moving and the underwriting done, it is very frustrating. I sent an email five or six days ago and another to follow up yesterday and still am not getting any response. As things stand right now, I would not recommend this company.

out of 10

POSTED: | BY: Ashley Victor


I only had them for a month and then looked elsewhere due to the lack of customer service I tried calling them two times and waiting over 20 mins the first time and then over 30 mins the second time and NEVER got a person I emailed multiple times with no response on the matter as well. I was very frustrated in the amount of time I was wasting just trying to contact someone. Let alone do anything else I looked more into them and it appears I am not the only one who has been ignored and unable to even reach someone to submit a claim, make changes or anything. I'm sorry but if you can't answer the people who pay for the service call or reply to emails there really isn't much use for ya. So now I am going with another provider I found on this website. Hopefully my experience will be better.

Monthly Cost

$19 – $89, depending on your chosen plan.


You have a co-pay of 10%, 20% or 30%.

The pay-out amount is based on your actual vet bill and includes coverage of exam fees and taxes.

Payout Limits

Annual limit of $5,000, $7,500 or $15,000 annually depending on your chosen plan.


$100 – $700 age-based annual deductible.

Age Limits

Pet must be at least 7 weeks old to enroll.

Waiting Period

Coverage begins after 48 hours for accident claims. A policy waiting period of 14 days applies for illness claims.


Pre-existing conditions are not covered.

All Accident & Illness policies are underwritten upfront so pet owners are aware of any pre-existing conditions that will not be covered prior to making a claim.

Pets Plus Us is a leading Canadian pet insurance provider whose goal is to help pet owners deal with all the joys and challenges of pet ownership. As well as making vet bills more manageable, Pet Plus Us provides their Blue Ribbon Benefits free with any coverage plan. This provides owners with free 24/7 access to PetHelpFone™ and Pet Poison Helpline®, a subscription to Modern Dog or Modern Cat magazine, and more!

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