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As one of Fortune magazine’s 2022 “World’s most admired companies,” MetLife is proud to have helped people protect what matters to them for 100+ years. MetLife Pet Insurance continues that tradition with a dedicated team of pet advocates who have been passionately serving pet parents for over 15 years. MetLife Pet Insurance offers pet parents an exceptional product from a best-in-class insurer at an affordable price — focused on flexible product offerings, competitive rates, and innovative policy benefits.

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VETERINARIAN: East West Veterinary hospital

POSTED: | BY: Julie Bieler

Real pet insurance

I can’t say enough about MetLife Pet insurance. Our pets are like our children and MetLife Pet treats them like they are as well. MetLife Pet insurance is real insurance that helps with the enormous costs of veterinary treatment. The MetLife Pet agents graciously help every step of the way and claim filing is very streamlined. I have shared my experiences with all my skeptical pet parent friends, and they are indeed encouraged and surprised. MetLife Pet insurance is the real deal. I highly recommend regardless of your pets age.

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POSTED: | BY: Linda Edwards

Met life pet

This is an excellent policy! The claims are easy to process and the money deposited promptly! Make sure to get the routine pet insurance in addition to emergency! It really is helpful- especially while they are young! Great program

out of 5

POSTED: | BY: shari kaplan

The good news is they pay the claims…

The good news is they pay the claims very well. Unfortunately the claims process can be a nightmare. I had send in the information countless times and waste much valuable time but ultimately my claims were all paid to my satisfaction. My recommendation is to process the claims through email . Send invoices and soap notes from the vet and in the email let them know what is attached so they can’t say they don’t have it. That was the biggest headache. Customer support was terrific. Thank you

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POSTED: | BY: Guillermo Arce

Was a Huge Disappointment

I initially got this policy for a new very expensive pup that I got not too long ago. I was offered a bare bones policy by the sellers but, bought a full policy. I took the pup to the vet on Friday and the claim was not touched until a week later. Nonetheless, I purchased two additional policies for my other two dogs and, was planning to buy a 4th for the new puppy coming next month. However, there were gremlins in the system that didn’t allow me to merge the policies. For over a week I was unable to access the original account until today so I could link the other two policies. I tried linking them but, was unable to because the system didn’t recognized my email address. I have been working with them for over a week to resolve these issues with the website and to link the policies. I called again today to find out what email they had but the policy information and email at their end was correct. The agent told me that she was able to link the policies but, when I tried to access my account the system couldn’t recognize even the original account asking me to provide again my policy number but to no avail. I was already fed up with the whole situation and with the fact that MetLife as big as they are their IT people couldn’t figure out the problem, didn’t get a call back with the status of the trouble ticket, it was a monumental mess. Regretfully, I just told the agent to cancel my policies. She sent the cancellation emails and MetLife lost over $3000 in coverage for my 3 dogs. This was frustrating and disappointing to say the least, I would not recommend this company to anyone. Their process is complicated and they take forever to adjudicate a simple claim.

out of 5

VETERINARIAN: River Road Veterinarian Clinic

POSTED: | BY: Kris Hamilton

Online Easy!

I did everything online. It was so very easy and covered what I wanted for my pup. I haven't had to make a claim yet, happy day, but as a Veteran in the Soldier's Best Friend, program I'm sure my pup is in good care with this insurance and Riverside Veterinarian Clinic here in Tucson.

Monthly Cost

Plans can start at just $29


Reimbursement for up to 90% of vet costs.

Payout Limits


Customizable deductibles from $50-$500

Age Limits

No upper age limits. Pets must be at least 8 weeks old to enroll.

Waiting Period

Accident – policy effective date (1 day waiting period); Illness – 14 days


Protect your pet’s health and your wallet with MetLife Pet Insurance. Plans can start at just $29 and you can easily customize your deductible and reimbursement rates so it works for you. WIth a hassle-free claims process, convenient mobile app, and reimbursement in less than two weeks, it’s easy to take the best care of your pet. Get a quote in two minutes or less!

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