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PHI Direct is truly affordable pet insurance for Canada’s cats and dogs. PHI Direct’s policies are, on average, 45% less for dogs and 37% less for cats than other Canadian providers. They provide up to $10,000 of coverage per year, telehealth coverage is included as-standard and they have a low $200 deductible – so your vet bills are covered sooner.

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POSTED: | BY: Tatyana Narchayeva

Total scam

I'm a Canadian customer, and I deeply regret I've been wasting my money on this mediocre insurance. It's a scam. Basically, I've been paying for nothing. My cat got serious issues and we had to see a vet multiple times. They denied all claims, finding a way to exclude them from coverage. I'm going to report them to the Ombudsman inspection, it's an unethical way to do business Don't let them take advantage of you!

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POSTED: | BY: Samantha

Quick and easy to process

My claim was quick and easy to process and really made the difference after an emergency vet visit!

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POSTED: | BY: Siobhain

great customer experience

Bethany was so lovely and accommodating - it was just a short call but one of the most enjoyable customer experiences I've had in a long time. Friendly follow-up email as well. So happy I chose PHI Direct!

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POSTED: | BY: Barbara

Great service

It took no time at all to get my account looked after. She was great and friendly.

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POSTED: | BY: Mohammad

Friendly & fast

So friendly and helpful, Good service and very fast

Monthly Cost

As low as $10.19 per month for cats and $15.20 per month for Dogs


PHI Direct will cover: Alternative Therapies Anesthesia & Surgery Applicable Taxes Behavioural Therapy Dental Tooth Fracture Diagnostics Emergency Care Euthanasia Exam Fees Hospitalization Imaging – CT Scans, MRI and X-Rays Medical Devices Medical Procedures Prescription Medications Referral and Specialist Fees Parasites

Payout Limits

Direct 5 – $5,000 Annual Benefits/Policy Limit Direct 10 – $10,000 Annual Benefits/Policy Limit Your Co-Insurance Share 20% We Reimbursement 80%


$200 Annual Deductible

Age Limits

7 Weeks Must be enrolled prior to the pets 14th Birthday, coverage will continue for as long as the pet remains enrolled

Waiting Period

For Accidents – 48 Hours For Illnesses – 14 Days For Cruciate Ligament Conditions – 60 Days


Understanding what is not eligible for coverage is as important as knowing what is covered. Like most pet insurance policies, PHI Direct does not cover pre-existing conditions. With ‘Time-Limited Coverage’, any condition experienced in one policy year will be considered pre-existing in future policy years, including any associated or bilateral conditions. For a full list of what is not covered please see the PHI Direct Policy
PHI Direct is Canada’s first Fluff-free Pet Health Insurance™. It’s good basic coverage for your pet – without being weighed down by costly premiums.   PHI Direct’s policies are, on average, 45% less for dogs and 37% less for cats, compared to other insured Canadian pets. It’s Canada’s first Fluff-free Pet Health Insurance™. You get good basic coverage for your pet – without being weighed down by costly premiums.   Urgent Care is why you need insurance most. So why overpay for long-term coverage that protects you for every possible outcome? With PHI Direct, each year you’re buying a year’s worth of pet health insurance coverage with enough of a payout to get you through a typical pet medical crisis.   Designed to put affordable pet health insurance in your hands, PHI Direct’s ‘Time-Limited Coverage’ approach offers reimbursement benefits that are enough to address the vast majority of incidents that impact most pets: Direct 5 (up to $5,000/year in annual benefits) and Direct 10 (up to $10,000/year in annual benefits). Both plans give you plenty of coverage with very affordable premiums. Breathe easier knowing that up to 80% of costly, new and unexpected veterinary treatments will be covered.   The PHI Direct ‘Time-Limited Coverage’ approach will help insure more Canadian pets. Explore whether a PHI Direct pet health insurance policy is right for you and your pet.

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