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Pumpkin is a pet care company on a mission to make the best pet care possible fur all. Pumpkin was started after its founders took a look at other pet insurance options on the market and found that some were missing one crucial component – preventative care. Pumpkin believes all parents should be able to give their pets medical care if they’re sick or hurt, and preventive care that keeps them healthy throughout their lives.

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POSTED: | BY: Lesia Trickett

Pumpkin Large premium increase

Purchased 20K/90%/$250 for 1 year old Goldendoodle. Cost $55 (TX). Had 2 claims: one for diarrhea (went toward deductible) and 1 for paw treatment (poison ivy) for $300. New premium for 2 years old: $77. "Not due to claim history, but due to your pet's age and your location". I contacted Pumpkin, got reply: "Your pet growing older", "Due to advancements in veterinary treatments, vets can now do more for our fur babies", "Rates and age factors are filed and approved by your state's department of insurance.​" I researched and compared many pet insurances before buying Pumpkin. I know it is a relatively young company. But I did not see any reviews about 50% premium increase in 1 year.

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POSTED: | BY: Liz Qersdyn

Great to have

Have a purebred cat, needed to make sure she is covered. Pumpkin Pet Insurance has come thru several times when I’ve had to rush our baby to the vet.

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POSTED: | BY: Julie Meidinger

Please do not use pumpkin, they are scammers and just take your money, do not pay out claims start a saving pet account

Please do not use this company, COMPLETELY CORRUPT, they are scammers. We paid $157 a month for the last 8 months after our pup was spaded and 3 other claims of over 3000 they paid a lousy $202 I lost it with them, all they want is your money and have excuses why they wont cover your claims, that is how the employees are trained take the money in but they don't pay any claims out. Your better off starting a pet saving account on your own and putting money in it every month than being scammed and taken by this company. I am warning everyone do not use it, you will waist your time and money and be very angry! So tired of these kinds of business that don't care about your dog, we have hired an attorney through my husbands work to get all our money back we paid, they even want the $202 out of the $3000 in claims they paid on top of our 157 a month we already paid and refuse to give it back. Thief's THAT IS WHO THEY ARE! The reason i don't find reviews for pumpkin helpful is because there employees are leaving the positive ones check out bbb as they are all o the same day and one liners what a joke

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POSTED: | BY: Shaena Litwin


ABSOLUTELY DO NOT USE THEM!! THEY ARE SCAMMERS!! I filed my first claim because I had no doubt about the issue and that it would be covered based upon the plan I chose. They denied it, saying there were preexisting issues, so I call my vet and they have no recollection as to why they would think that and deny my claim. The people are rude and we’re no help. I just hope other people don’t make my mistake. I immediately cancelled and spoke with another insurance who was happy to help and agreed with my statements above and how they were false.

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POSTED: | BY: Deana Bistodeau

Absolute scam, they even admitted to being misleading.

SCAM!!!! THIS COMPANY WILL NOT COVER MANY CONDITIONS THAT ITS CONTRACT STATES IT WILL!!!! They call it “proprietary information.” Their private list they say allows them not not cover IVVD, wobblers and other conditions. No where in your contract does it say this. A represantive openly admitted to me over the phone they are misleading customers! I’m out over $1000 for bogus coverage and they refused to give me any money back at all for my premiums paid even though they NEVER spent a penny on my dog ever!!! Now they won’t do anything and just stole my money! I’ve reported to BBB and waiting on a response! DO NOT get this insurance. If your dog gets one of their many “unlisted exclusions” you will be out the money potentially thousands of you buy it on a younger dog!!! BEWARE!

Monthly Cost

Plans start as low as $30 per month. Prices vary based on plan type, pet breed, age, and location.


Every pet is covered by a 90% reimbursement rate to make it easier to say “yes” to the best possible care.

Payout Limits

Annual limits of $10,000 or $20,000 for dogs and $7,000 or $15,000 for cats.


3 options: $100, $250, and $500

Age Limits

No upper age limits. Pets must be at least 8 weeks old to enroll.

Waiting Period

Insurance coverage begins 14 days after your policy begins for all conditions, including knee/ligament issues where some other policies make you wait 6 months for coverage. No waiting periods for preventive care (in fact, depending on when you received the care, you may be eligible for a retroactive refund).


Pre-existing conditions are not covered. However, unlike some other pet insurances, Pumpkin’s plan covers some curable pre-existing conditions if symptom-free for 180 days, with the exception of knee and ligament conditions. For full terms, visit pumpkin.care/insurancepolicy.

About Pumpkin: Pumpkin Insurance Services Inc. (Pumpkin) is a licensed insurance agency, not an insurer. Insurance is underwritten by United States Fire Insurance Company, a Crum & Forster Company and produced by Pumpkin. Pumpkin receives compensation based on the premiums for the insurance policies it sells.   Pumpkin Preventive Essentials is not an insurance policy. It is offered as an optional add-on non-insurance benefit. Pumpkin is responsible for the Pumpkin Prevent Essentials product and its administration.   Pumpkin Pet Insurance policies do not cover pre-existing conditions. Waiting periods, annual deductible, co-insurance, benefit limits and exclusions may apply. For full terms, visit pumpkin.care/insurancepolicy. Products, discounts, and rates may vary and are subject to change. More information available at checkout.

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