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Our pet parent community consists of over one hundred thousand members and is growing. With over 140,000 reviews posted, pet parents have taken it upon themselves to educate one another on pet insurance and policies so you don’t have to.

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Our rankings are determined exclusively by pet parent reviews of provider experiences. We don’t endorse or position providers over one another. The result is unbiased and reliable reviews that pet parents trust.

Let over one hundred thousand pet parent reviews
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We are a leader in the industry, offering policy reviews, rankings and quotes for over 20 of the nation’s top insurance providers. This means pet parents have more healthcare choices for their fur- babies and budget.

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Is Pet Insurance Review an insurance provider?

We are a marketplace for pet insurance. We are not a provider. Pet Parents are able to browse, compare and read reviews from other pet parents to gain insight into what plan offers them the right protection and works within their budget.

If Pet Insurance Review doesn’t sell insurance, how is the Vets for Pets program available at no cost?

We receive a fee from the provider when a policy is purchased for a pet.
Our commission is the same regardless of plan or provider.

We are entirely unbiased and operate independently from all providers.
Pet Parents won’t see higher prices by using our service, which means they are getting the best price, for the best plan.

What makes Pet Insurance Review unique?

Pet Insurance Review is built around thousands of independent, verified reviews from pet parents. All of the ratings and reviews are completely unfiltered and unedited.

In addition, our personalized quoting algorithm finds and suggests plans that fit Pet Parents’ unique needs and budget.

We work with the top insurance companies and we are licensed across all states in the US.
No matter where you are, we’ve got you covered.

Join our pet project, Vets for Pets and let’s give all pets a chance at longer, healthier lives. After all, they are more than just furry friends.


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