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As one of Fortune magazine’s 2022 “World’s most admired companies,” MetLife is proud to have helped people protect what matters to them for 100+ years. MetLife Pet Insurance continues that tradition with a dedicated team of pet advocates who have been passionately serving pet parents for over 15 years. MetLife Pet Insurance offers pet parents an exceptional product from a best-in-class insurer at an affordable price — focused on flexible product offerings, competitive rates, and innovative policy benefits.

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VETERINARIAN: VCA Hometown Animal Hospital

POSTED: | BY: Irma Mansilla

Best Pet Insurance any can find

I love and appreciate that routine procedures are covered. This insurance has truly been a blessing. I work in education and any teacher would know our salary sometimes cannot cover expensive pet insurance that only covers emergencies.

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VETERINARIAN: VCA Pet Hospital - Lakewood

POSTED: | BY: Jennifer Gallo

Financial comfort at an extremely hard and painful time

My best friend Chewie was only a little over two years old, when he suddenly became very ill. After 4 vet visits and numerous tests, a pet neurologist diagnosed him with Pug Dog Encephalitis. The disease advanced so quickly and he was in so much pain, I had to let him go even though it was one of the most painful things I have ever experienced. The numerous visits to the vet and emergency vet were very expensive. Although the finance part did not matter at the time because I had to do everything I could to try to save him, I had to borrow from family members and used what little savings I had and we still lost him. Thanks to Metlife Pet Insurance, most of Chewie's care was fully reimbursed, even his cremation. The claim was settled in 10 days so now I can repay my family members. I am keeping his ashes in my special little pug urn made specially for him. I have a new pug puppy, Russell, and his now a part of the MetLife family. Pet Insurance is worth every penny and Metlife is the best. I recommend them 100%.

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MET LIFE PET denied my first claim…

MET LIFE PET denied my first claim saying it was a pre-existing condition. I appealed the claim with written testimony from my vet stating that my dog never was diagnosed, treated or labeled with the pre-existing condition MET LIFE said she has. They are the biggest scam. PLEASE Don't ever use them. Also all you get is a customer service rep on the phone. I was NEVER allowed to talk with the claims department that INCORRECTLY denied my claim! What a waste of monthly premium and my repeated phone calls trying to get this resolved. Also, any appeal takes 8-12 weeks before they even start to process it.

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VETERINARIAN: Omro Animal Hospital

POSTED: | BY: Shelley Peterson

Great insurance!

My new rescue pup hurt her leg playing with another dog fairly soon after getting her. Because MetLife insurance has a much shorter waiting period prior to filing for an injury than most companies, they reimbursed 90% after my deductible was met. Another reason I chose MetLife was that they will cover both knees if there is a problem rather than just the first leg, as many companies do. I’m glad I read all the details of the policies instead of just choosing the least expensive. I’m very happy with the coverage, communication from MetLife, and the speed of reimbursement. Great company to work with!

out of 5

VETERINARIAN: Hopkinton Animal Hospital

POSTED: | BY: Renee Astor-Parker

We love our hounds!

Oh my! I wish every pet owner knew about Metlife! Had it not been for the latest rescue group, S.O.S, Saving One Soul who recommended this company, we never would have been the wiser and I have been in the vet field for 17 years! Tremendous coverage with reasonable premium! LOVE MET LIFE!

Monthly Cost

Plans can start at just $29


Reimbursement for up to 90% of vet costs.

Payout Limits


Customizable deductibles from $50-$500

Age Limits

No upper age limits. Pets must be at least 8 weeks old to enroll.

Waiting Period

Accident – policy effective date (1 day waiting period); Illness – 14 days


Protect your pet’s health and your wallet with MetLife Pet Insurance. Plans can start at just $29 and you can easily customize your deductible and reimbursement rates so it works for you. WIth a hassle-free claims process, convenient mobile app, and reimbursement in less than two weeks, it’s easy to take the best care of your pet. Get a quote in two minutes or less!

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