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Pets Plus Us Pet Insurance for Dog & Cat

Updated: May 29, 2024

Pets Plus Us is a good option for pet parents who are looking for affordable monthly premiums with a variety of coverage options. Plans start at just $25 a month and their customer service is available 24/7.

Pets Plus Us Pet Insurance Details

    • Why Our Users Picked It:

      Awesome customer service and prompt payments are just a couple of the reasons users are happy with this provider.

      Pros & Cons:

      Plan Limits

      • Per Condition Limit
      • Lifetime Limit
      • Deductible Type Annual
      • Direct Pay

      What is Covered?

      • Accident and Injury
      • Hospitalization
      • Rehabilitation
      • Continual Care
      • Emergency Visits
      • Surgery
      • Dental Trauma
      • Foreign Object Ingestion
      • Congenital or Hereditary Conditions
      • Cancer Treatments
      • Dietary Supplements
      • End of Life: Burial and Cremation
      • Illness
      • Specialists
      • Prosthetics
      • End of Life: Euthanasia
      • Prescription Drugs
      • Outpatient Care
      • Bilateral Conditions
      • Travel Coverage
      • Vet Exam Fees
      • Medical Imaging
      • Organ Transplants
      • Wellness Cover
      • Lab Tests
      • Behavioral Treatments

    Most popular State insured by Pets Plus Us Pet Insurance

    Here are the top 5 State covered by Pets Plus Us insurance.

    STATE / PROVINCE % of user
    Ontario 50.00 %
    British Columbia 11.76 %
    Quebec 5.88 %
    Nova Scotia 5.88 %
    Alberta 5.88 %
    Data source date 60 days, based on user selected percentage
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    Pets Plus Us Pet Insurance FAQ?

    • What kind of pets does Pets Plus Us cover?

      Pets Plus Us pet insurance offers policies for all dog and cat breeds.

    • Does Pets Plus US allow us to stay with our own vet?

      Yes, in fact you can take your pet to any licensed veterinarian, specialist or emergency clinic in Canada or the US. As an added bonus, Pets Plus Us will reimburse you in Canadian dollars even if you’ve received care while traveling south of the border!

    • I’m interested in Flex Care? Can I purchase that on its own?

      No. This wellness package is only offered as an add-on to their Accident & Illness plan.

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