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We lost our doxie tragically and because we didn't have the money the first day and looked for other options. We looked into pet insurance the following month when we adopted our Gus. We have had Pets Best ever since. We have the middle plan and used to have the wellness plan attached. Did not find the wellness plan as beneficial as the regular. We have used our pet insurance several times including when our basset hound ate some carpet and had to have emergency care, during which they noticed he had bladder chrystals and he had surgery for that covered by Pets Best and now our Gus had a growth on his elbow which was treated for almost a year. The growth was removed and biopsied and it was cancerous. Gus had a 2nd surgery and it was all covered. The fact that you only have to pay the deductible and then they cover 80% is better than some health insurance for humans. When they started direct deposit I thought I'd gone to heaven lol. I recommend Pets Best to all my friends and coworkers. As long as you follow the claim procedure everything goes smooth, quick, and friendly. Also, the feeling of not having to freak out and hear like we did that will be $7000 or we can put her to sleep. We are free to worry about our pets in tough times not all about the money.

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Claim Amount
Over $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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