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Our beloved number one dog Leroy, a lab/border collie mix, had an extremely unlucky year last year. He was diagnosed with both a genetic eye disease, which rendered him nearly blind, and bone cancer on one of his ribs. Words cannot describe the devastation we felt. However, we got some consolation knowing that we at least had choices in deciding on the treatment of his conditions because of Pet Plan. We have PetPlan coverage on all three of our dogs because we had heard too many stories of people who were not able to pay for the care of their pets when they fell seriously ill, but still had the potential for a good quality of life, like Leroy.
Pet Plan has surpassed our expectations of any health insurance company, be it human or animal. Once it was established that Leroy's conditions were not pre-existing, processing the claims has been very easy. We get our claims paid within a week of faxing it to them. In fact, as an example of their integrity, on our last claim we failed to send the paid invoice along with the claim form. Instead of waiting on us to send the needed paperwork, they called the vet's office themselves and completed the claim!

Having a company like Pet Plan helped reduce the burden of an already stressful situation. We are also very cognizant of the fact that people make the company. We would like to commend Norma S. in particular. She is the perfect combination of compassion, knowledge, and professionalism. Every time we speak to

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eye disease
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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Posted: 03/29/2012

I was wondering how your case is going so far? When I was researching pet insurance, one of the reasons I chose Petplan was that in case of an appeal you get a vote on which 3rd party Vet. will arbitrate your case, whereas the other top contending (for me)insurance company chooses which 3rd party Vet will decide your case. I sincerely hope your case has resolved in a satisfactory manner. I know how much we all care and worry for our furkids. I hope Leroy is better.