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Gaston is one of my two French Bulldogs (the boys), for whom I would do anthing for. Just before Christmas 2011, Gaston began acting lethargic, not wanting to move around much. We took him to see a veterinarian, who performed a series of x-rays and a physical exam. It was thought that perhaps he had strained his neck or back, and was sent home with pain medication and a sedative. That evening, he began crying out in pain when he would move on the bed, so we took him back to his vet the next day. After performing a number of additional x-rays, there were signs of a problem between two vertibrae. It was recommended that we take Gaston to a neurologist immediately, and be prepared for surgery. My veterinarian was able to locate a specialist about an hour aware, contacted the office, and off we went.
The neurologist explained that Gaston was exeriencing pain due to what she believed was a herniated disc, and that she would need to perform surgery after performing a CT scan to verify diagnosis and the proper surgical procedure. After having identified a large amount of disc material, surgery was performed to remove the herniated disc from his spine. Gaston was then kept in 24 hour emergency care over the Christmas weekend; we finally were able to take him home the day after Chirstmas. This was the best Christmas present I could ever ask for!

As you can imagine, all of the tests, x-rays, CT scan, a verterinary neurologist, and round the clock care, added up to thous

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