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I Have had VPI for almost 9yrs I have had to use just a few times in the past nothing major though. My 9yr old white boxer Cleopatra was diagnosed with a mass cell tumor that was a grade 3+ the highest mast cell that a dog could get. I have the the cancer rider on her policy so I was thinking that her policy would help pay the majority of the bills (almost $12,000) little did we know that the only money that we will be getting back is just a little over 25% of the total bill so a check has been issued to us for $3181 so if we cash the check the claims person has said that we have accepted the payment and her claim is closed . While we can ask for a relook on the claim we have found out that sometimes the claim can actuality go down and VPI will ask for money back. I don't know how many people that we have sent to VPI BUT we will not be sending anymore people their way and the people that we know that have VPI we will be telling that they should find better insurance for their pets. We have what they call the superior plan with the cancer rider which is the best coverage that they offered but while talking to the claim rep we found-out that it isn't the best now, major medical is supposedly the best that they offer now, how surprised we were when we were told about is mind boggling. He told us that at time of renewal they would has sent us some facts about our coverage and what was being offered at the time, not true we have gone through all the paperwork that has ever been s

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Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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