Pet insurance is great- All my pets have it!

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Rufus has disc disease; 2 years ago his disc herniated to the left. He had surgery and he went home with us. I knew something was not right so we took him back for a MRI and found that the same disc herniated to the right. He needed a second back surgery in less then a week.
I had no worries because I had PetPlan and knew we would be covered. The bill was close to $9,000 for both surgeries and PetPlan reimbursed me almost $7,000.

8-20-11 we were back at University of Penn and in the ER for almost 7 hours.
This time it was not as serious – he had neck pain. So we went home with pain meds and instructions to limit his activity.

As we were waiting and watching all the patients coming and going and the pet parents calling family and applying for credit cards to pay the bill.
We had no worries and told them to do what ever they think they need to make Rufus feel better. Without PetPlan we would be in the same boat and might have to make a hard decision not to do treatment like we seen a few people do.

I told my husband why doesn’t everyone have PetPlan? It is very reasonable and with the monthly payments it is so affordable. It takes a big burden off your shoulders during the emotional time when your family member is sick or injured. You know you can do the best that you can for him. He deserves it.

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