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When we adopted a 2.5 yr old greyhound we knew of the risk of bone cancer in the breed. We also had been through expensive illnesses with other pets. So we set out to find a plan to cover the unexpected -- and Petplan is perfect at that and letting you customize your coverage levels. We never expected that just three years later in Jan 2012 Bella would be diagnosed with bone cancer after slipping in the kitchen. We were heartbroken that our girl had to fight this disease. But we were able to take aggressive action to give her the best chance for the best quality of life, all without worrying about how we were going to pay for her treatment. Bella's care is probably closing in on $10,000 for her amputation and chemotherapy (even with donated drugs from the OSU's Greyhound Wellness Center). I could never have chosen between her life and the money, but with Petplan I don't have to face that. They have been fantastic -- I held my breath with the first claim and was so pleasantly surprised that they paid more than I had calculated! Their staff is always so helpful when I call and they also inquire about Bella's health. I absolutely know we made the right choice in covering Bella, her brother, and our two cats.

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1 - 8

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