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I have been with VPI for about 30 years. I have insured 6 dogs over those 30 years but VPI helped me the most with Abbee. Abbee was 9 1/2 years old and crossed the rainbow bridge 2/12/12. Abbee was a special needs dog. When I got her as a puppy she lost all of her hair. We finally were able to resolve that problem and then she developed a seizure disorder at the age of 6 months. She was started on meds and it took a while to get her controlled. I documented on her everyday of her life for 9 years. My life revolved around that dog in that she had to have her meds at a certain time and if she was off greater than an hour, then she would have a seizure. She finally was seen by a neurologist who did extensive testing and was able to get Abbee on a med schedule. Abbee's brain was set to have seizures every 2 months between the 4th and 6 of that particular month. I really spent a fortune on Abbee and if I wouldn't have had VPI, I would have had to put her down. Thanks to VPI, Abbee lead a great life. Abbee developed other problems alog the way. She developed hypothyroidism, skin cancer and some other problems. I spent thousands on that dog and would do it again. My dogs are covered by VPI as soon as possible. VPI was so very supportive everytime I called. I have lost all 3 of my dogs within an 8 month time frame. Cindee had cataract surgery at age 9 and Maggee had back surgery at age 9 as well. The policy only covered 1 cataract and Maggee's back surgery was not covered. I hope wh

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