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VPI Insurance is worthless. Their reimbursement rate is laughable. Last year my 3 year old pit bull injured herself on a piece of rebar sticking out of some concrete. She tore a gaping wound in her chest that was 3 inches long and an inch deep. Took her to ER and she required an overnight stay, anesthesia, sutures, as well as X-rays, pain medication and antibiotics. The bill was $1200.00. VPI classified the injury as a simple “abrasion” and sent me a check for a whopping $136.00. I was furious. We were told by the rep at the time that it depends on how the vet fills out the form, and that maybe we should consider buying the more expensive plan which reimburses more. Yeah, right. I don’t think so. I kept the standard policy. Maybe it was just a fluke? A few months later, my 9 year old Golden Retriever got an ear hematoma. We were charged two $50.00 deductibles for one ear hematoma where the treatment didn’t work the first time. They say that it is $50.00 deductible per incident, but it was still the same problem that didn’t get resolved the first time! And now my Golden Retriever has been diagnosed with bone cancer in his back leg and a tumor on his chest. Cost of overnight stay, anesthesia, x-rays, cytology and pathology, etc. just to get the diagnosis was $1100.00. VPI reimbursed $250. You have got to be kidding!!! Our yearly premium for this dog was $200.00 alone plus a $50.00 deductible. Wow. So we managed to break even on the premium and deductible on this dog f

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