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In January of 2011 my Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Basil, began limping unexpectedly. My regular vet did x-rays and an exam and couldn't pinpoint the issue. We rested him and the problem persisted. I saw an orthopedic specialist in April of 2011, he reviewed the x-rays and did a new exam. He recommended resting six months and trying medication but suspected that Basil was tearing his cruciate ligament in his knee. We rested him again and went back in November 2011 when the problem didn't get better and tried a new medication which he responded to quite well. At the end of November, on the weekend, Basil's cruciate ligament ruptured and I called the orthopedic surgeon again. He had surgery on 12/13 and we filed the claim the same day. Payment on the claim was received on 12/27.
I've always had helpful assistance whenever I call the customer service line. Their policies are very clear and I've recommended them to lots of my other friends and clients. We're very grateful that our dogs have pet insurance, it makes the decision process be about the pet and not about your wallet when it comes down to healthcare.

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cruciate ligament tear
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Over $1000

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

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1 - 8

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