Incorrigible Henry

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My ten-month old male Bernese/? mix pup just had that look when we adopted him. Since we are retired, we worry about large bills. Sure enough, although he has a whole basket of toys he thought it was much more fun to toss a rock and catch it that he took from the base of a potted plant. My husband took it away from him, but it was too late. The next day he began to vomit so we took him to the vet. The X-rays disclosed a rock in his intestine! How did it get through his stomach! He had surgery and was in the pet hospital for five days. His bill was over $1,176 with our senior discount.We were reimbursed by PetPlan within two weeks at 90% and our 100.00 deductible. I'm sooo glad I followed my hunch that Hank would need it.I raised four human kids, but I take away more stuff from Hank. Bracelts, watches, bras, wallets etc. I'm going to take a policy out on our other dog although she would never think of doing something so dingbat.Thank You, Petplan

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rock eateritis
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Bernese Mountain Dog

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