Bests Best has been the Best.....Thanks so much.

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Cssey unbeknown to us was born with an enlarged heart and pleural effusion. At the time I didn't know any of this but wanted him to have the best and that meant taking out Pet Insurance. He was given 4 months to live. That was devastating to hear...He was a beautiful, sweet, and I wanted him to live with me forever. Having Pets Best meant that he would have the best/as a result he lived another 2 years to the shock of his Cardiologist. I loved him so much and he was the one who could always make me laugh. Pets Best Ins. is the best....I would have no other ins. and have recommended to multiple pet lovers. thank-you......The sympathy card was especially special. The pain is there but he lived longer than anyone ever expected. He will never be forgotten.....

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