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I've had a couple of claims this year for my new puppy and they have all been handled in a professional manner with no problems. If I had a complaint, though, it was that it seemed to take a long time for processing. (I was told at one point that the claims system was being upgraded and that was the reason for the delay).
But what happened today makes me willing to forget anything in the past. The service I got was exceptional.

My puppy needed surgery for an eyelid defect. I had it precertified with Embrace, and they agreed to cover everything in accordance with my policy. The surgery was last week. I asked the vet to please submit the claim form promptly. Well, it took multiple phone calls and over a week to get the claim form from the vet. Ultimately, I had the vet fax the form to me and I sent it in to Embrace. The rep I had been talking to all week (asking if they got it yet) had been very helpful so far and I asked for a favor: given the added expenses around the holiday season and the cost of the surgery, I asked if they could somehow expedite the processing of the claim. He said they would try. TWO HOURS LATER, I got an email saying the claim had been approved and my reimbursement would be issued today!!! TWO HOURS!!!! I have never had such wonderful service from any sort of insurance provider, whether for pets or people. THANK YOU EMBRACE!

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Eye problem

Claim Amount
Over $1000

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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