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I brought Taylor home at 8 weeks of age, excited about having a puppy in the house again. Taylor is a field bred golden retriever with over the top energy and drive. Taylor also eats everything. And I mean everything. Rocks, wood, walls, mushrooms, raisins. Within two weeks, Taylor was at the emergency vet hospital at 2am on a Saturday for having ingested pea gravel in our dog run. A few months later, it was mushroom season in California. We made two trips to emergency vet clinics, one to UC Davis where Taylor had to be hospitalized for a few days and his kidneys were flushed. By the time he ate some raisins a few weeks later and was again hospitalized again at UC Davis I was exhausted and worried Taylor wouldn't live through puppy hood. Today, Taylor is a happy, healthy 10 month old who is learning not to eat everything and I can still pay my mortgage! I have 3 dogs (who are my kids) with pet plan policies and can't imagine life without it. I have recommended Pet Plan to all my family and friends. Thank you Pet Plan for taking the financial uncertainty out of caring for my furry kids.

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ingestion of mushrooms, rocks and wood
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Over $1000

Golden Retriever

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Under a year

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