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I cannot say enough good things about PetPlan!!! Just a few months after I purchased Duke's policy a couple of years ago, he ruptured his CCL and required a $3,000 TPLO surgery, including follow-up and rehab. PetPlan covered everything. Last November he developed a benign mass on his leg and PetPlan paid $1,000+ for its removal. And now, Duke is fighting off a very serious infection. If Duke had not had PetPlan coverage, I don't know whether he would still be alive today. The ordeal started Memorial Day weekend when he suddenly stopped using his leg. I rushed him to the ER and he was admitted, treated and released the next day. The diagnosis was a septic knee, but culture results were still pending. Three days later came the frightening diagnosis: MRSIG, a highly resistant bacteria (similar to MRSA). There are on 3 antibiotics known to medicine that can kill this bug. Because Duke had been on the "wrong" antibiotic while culture results were pending, the infection continued to rage inside of his knee joint. It spread to the entire leg, and amputation loomed as a last resort to save his life. He was hospitalized again at the University of Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital in the Critical Care Unit for a total of 10 days. They were able to save Duke's leg and his life by providing top-notch which I would not have been able to afford without insurance. I had faith that PetPlan would come through, and they did. His care has been expensive, extensive and

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MRSIG infection
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Over $1000

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