Banfield Is a RipOff

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My dog recently injured his leg, or so I thought. I rushed him to Banfield for an exam and treatment. After paying about $200 for x-rays and extensive examination, I was told my dog would require extensive and invasive surgery on his leg and they couldn't guarantee that he would fully heal. The surgery with anesthesia would cost nearly $3000 after the insurance benefit is deducted!!!! I was about to schedule the appointment but decided to get a 2nd oppinion from a local vet. After taking my poodle to the local vet, he said that it was a common problem with that bread, particularly when they are older. In simple terms, the ball of his leg had popped out of the joint. With the aid of anti-inflammatory meds, the doctor said the joint should could correct itself. If not after a week or so, bring him in and he would do something to assist in the correction. I was skeptical because I didn't want to see my dog in pain and he wouldn't put any weight on that leg. After all, the Banfield clinic that I've been taking my dogs to for YEARS said that he needed surgery. How could the diagnosis be so different?!?! Well, in less than 24 hours my dog was running around the house and jumping in and out of my bed as usual!!!! Really Banfield?!?!? How could you???? I think about all the other meds, appointments, and the countless monthly fees I've paid over the course of 10 years for 2 dogs and I want to scream!!!! Needless to say, I did a bit more research and calculated the moeny I spent over t

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Posted: 06/01/2012

Very same experience here. We are on the "wellness Plan" FRAUD. Took 3 year old dog to the vet for a limp, they gave her pills after watching her walk, didn't go away within 10 days, they then wanted to do x-rays and put her out (we were a bit uncomfortable with this but was told it had to be done!), also had to send the x-rays out to be read (obviously incapable) for $399.00. Let me add that we had an x-ray appt set up for 5pm, when we were told they cant do x-rays that late! I took her for a second opinion. The new vet felt her joints, ALL of them, said nothing was torn, as far as he can feel. Said that she didn't need an extra or to be sedated. Sedation was a last resort. So, Thank you Banfield for stealing my money, I will NEVER come back or recommend you to anyone at all.