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Pet Plan USA does exactly as their literature says! The 2nd week of Aug, my 1 year old american hairless terrier had runny bowels. I thought it was the new raw frozen food I was feeding her. I threw out the bag and called my vet. She said to rest her stomach for 24 hours and then try pumpkin with slippery elm for the next day before slowly reintroducing her regular raw foods. She asked for a stool sample to rule out parasites, etc. Fast forward to Sept 13th. I gave her canned tripe for breakfast. (Back in Aug, I gave her canned tripe from the same new case lot 2 days before she got the runs but didn't think anything of it since she had had tripe lots of times before.) She was fine Tues but before dinner on Wed she had a loose stool. After dinner she had another loose stool. During the night she was moaning in her crate. At 6 AM she woke up crying and banging on her crate. I got her outside just in time. She had a runny, slightly bloody stool. I decided to rest her stomach and not feed her till the night feeding (24 hrs). She had 2 more runny stools that morning. At dinner I offered her pumpkin, which she refused. I tried the peanut butter treat test. Peanut butter is her favorite treat and she never turns it down. Well she did. My partner coaxed her to drink some water. While we were trying to decide if she needed to see the vet, or it could wait until morning (it was now after 7 PM) she threw up. We headed to the emergency vet immediately. They drew blood, etc. The diagnos

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American Hairless Terrier

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Posted: 11/15/2011

Finishing up my comments: The diagnosis was hemorragic gastritis. Well pet plan paid for the overnight in the ER and paid for the testing she had done the month before! Great plan.