Embrace paid 100% after my 10 % copay!

Out of 10

My 5 year old dog Maggie had two fractured upper back teeth. The extractions had to occur under general anesthesia. This was very expensive for me. After Embrace reviewed my claim, the Explanation of Benefits showed that the only amount not covered was the 10 percent co-pay and the remaining balance Embrace fully covered. The medications, the lab tests, routine dental cleaning, peridontal treatment, xrays, the oral surgery and more. It was such a relief to receive the reimbursement because the final costs was pretty expensive for me.
Having this really great pet insurance means that I don't have second thoughts about getting care for my dog. Embrace has also covered two previous smaller claims. The staff is helpful, concerned, friendly. They always make sure that I understand the process, re-assure me about when they will review the claim and how long to expect a response from them. One review took a little longer than usual, but Embrace was in contact with me to let me know this. I wasn't left hanging. I always highly recommend Embrace Pet Insurance to anyone when I have the opportunity because I have been so satisfied, and my Maggie receives the care she needs.

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fractured teeth
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Over $1000

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1 - 8

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