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I have two pets.. Razzle (Teacup Pomeranian) and Bruce (English Pug) The first 2 weeks I had pom he was so small he was the size of a soup can. One day he climed behind the places even I didn't expect and managed to find Rat Poison. I called a APCA doctor and he instructed me how to inject oral hydroxide to have him vomit up the two pellets he ingested .. (Total even 30 minutes from me realizing he found a package under the frig to having him throw it up) AFTER THAT i freaked out.. i was worried about not having the resources needed incase of emergency to care for a pomeranian whom now is 6lbs but was only .5 lbs at the time I Found VPI through my Vet. I now have both on thier policy and do not skimp on services. Since I have had the policy BRUCE has never had an issue.. Razzle has broken his leg jumping off the couch when he was a puppy.. VPI and the Vet took care of him He Found Sugar free gum and eat it.. VPI and Vet took care of him He found one of my perscription medications on the floor.. this almost killed him and me.. VPI and VET to the rescue Since.. he is now over 1 year old he has not had a single reason to go to the back thank god .. not only that we have learned you never know just what to expect and VPI is there for the smaller of our family members. I make a joke sometimes how my pets have better insurance then i do. BUT ITS TRUE.. VPI is not only a smart choice financially but just in gernal .. they cover the costs of yearly r

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