couldn't ask for better pet insurance!

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our 1 year old beagle got mysteriously ill. he had almost every test (as recommended by the vet) to uncover his 3 day stretch of no water, food, strange behavior, bloody diareah, and constant shaking...just writing this makes me sad again. no one could get to the bottom of it, and the costs kept creeping up. he remained off for another couple of weeks, and unfortunately we still don't know what was wrong with him as the vet's kept giving hima clean bill of health?? it was a most terrible time for us to watch him suffer. healthy paws actually called to see how he was doing through out that period, how awesome is that! they covered everything, and sent us reimbursement, fast! we didn't even expect them to cover as much as they did. wow, i need to come back as a dog!

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