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Keeva, our 4 year old Olde Victorian Bulldogge tore her cruciate a couple of years ago .. she needed a patella repair as well and her
insurance covered 80 per cent ... because she is not dog friendly I used to take her out late night to potty .. two nights after she had the surgery she tried to bolt after a neighbor's dog that was passing by .. trying to restrain her with her harness, she hit her knee on the pavement .. blood shot out and at midnight I was in the emergency clinic with her .. fortunately the stitches didn't rupture but they had to sedate her to clean the area and rebandage it ... Trupanion covered the cost ..
.. this past January Keeva tore her second cruciate and her other knee
needed repair and the surgery was 80 % covered including the fancy haircut ... all
the representatives I have spoken with have been very kind and caring ... when my daughter got her first puppy, a Chihuahua last month we insured her with Trupanion with no hesitation .. I love that they have 24 hour phone service, there is always a friendly helpful voice on the other end.

Thank you Trupanion for your excellent service and genuine compassion for Keeva ..

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2 Cruciate / ER visit / 2 Patella repairs
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Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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