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We bought an 8 month old purebred Bulldog and named her Coco. After lots of research and referrals, choose the most comprehensive plan with Petsecure and are forever grateful that we did. Coco was diagnosed with Subaortic Stenosis, a fatal genetic heart condition when she was just 14 months old. We were beyond devastated. We took her to our own vet as she just wasn't right, she found a heart murmur and did a subsequent x-tray where it was found out that her heart was enlarged. She needed to be seen immediately by cardioologist at the emergency hospital. Before taking Coco to the specialist, I was able to chat "live" on line with a represenative who ensured us that all treatment would be covered accordingy to our plan. We spent alot of money in those first 24 hours, but knowing that we would be reimbursed, allowed us to focus on Coco and not have to worry about the cost of her treatment.
She is still with us thankfully, on daily heart meds which try to prevent her sudden death. We will have ongoing trips to the vet and more medical bills but thankfully, becasue of Petsecure, we can do whatever is medically possible to help Coco live comfortably as long as possible.
And, our cheque for the initial tests, diagnosis and treatment, was in our hands within a week.
We are so thrilled with Petsecure!!

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