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My 3 cats have been covered by Petplan for just under a year. I switched from Hartville (one of the worst pet insurers out there) after Alex, my elderly Chocolate Point Siamese, passed away from chronic renal failure. Every year when my policy was renewed, Hartville would label any ailment one of my cats had the previous year as a “pre-existing condition” so it was no longer covered. By the time Alex died, I’d had enough of Hartville’s broken promises and poor customer service.
After reading the reviews here I decided to cancel my Hartville coverage and insure all my cats with Petplan gold level policies. At the time, two of my cats were 3 years old and another was 9. None of them had previously had any serious health problems so, while Petplan wasn’t the cheapest policy around, the premiums were still reasonable for the coverage they promised.

After my experience with Hartville, I was skeptical of any promise any pet insurance company made, but Petplan has proven to be an exceptional company with stellar coverage, and they have kept their word. They’ve actually paid for what they promised to cover in my policy.

Nine months into my Petplan coverage my 9 year-old cat Meow-Meow – who’d never been sick a day in her life – was diagnosed with mammary cancer. It was the kind of diagnosis every pet owner fears most – an expensive illness that without treatment was guaranteed to be fatal. I opted for a radical mastectomy for Meow-Meow and she recently began chemotherapy. The

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American Shorthair

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Over 8 years

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