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I've had my pets on this wellness plan since we got them from the shelter and now that I need to cancel because I'm losing my job they are not willing to work with me and say that I must continue to make the monthly payments or pay out a big one time payment to get out of the "plan". Its just a contract and I've done research into what services cost without the plan. It just isn't worth it the plan hasn't really saved me any money in the long run and I will not be renewing.

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Posted: 09/22/2011

Bowser is full of dog poo!
I got a price quote from Banfield WITH my "super-special plan discount" for a needed surgery: over $1250

Seemed awfully high to me; went to a local veterinarian, cost out-the-door for exact same surgery: $250

Hmmm, so in just one surgery I am out over $1000 if I get it done at Banfield, where I'm already paying for the super spiffy "PLAN". What a crock!

On top of that, I made an appointment for a gastro issue, showed up 5 min. early, only to be made to wait OVER AN HOUR while they took a non-emergency walk-in during our scheduled appointment time!

Also, (if you don't believe me, call them yourself) if you want to cancel the lovely "plan" you must call within a very small, very specific window of time on the anniversary date of your sign-up, or guess what?? Another year you DIDN'T agree to or sign for!

NEVER another dime from me, Banfield!

Posted: 07/17/2011

Did your Car insurance "work" with you when you lost your job. Banfield's Wellness plan has saved me $1000s of dollars with my pup. When you signed the contract they tell you about the costs and it is in the paperwork. It is not their fault you didn't read it or you are losing your job. If you haven't saved money with the plan you are using it wrong ..yearly shots ALONE would cost you as must as the yearly cost for this plan. P.S. I hope you find another job soon so you do not neglect your pets health.

Posted: 07/17/2011

I agree it happen to me too now the adding more fees to it
No worth it