So glad Bartok is still with me!!

Out of 10

I bought pet insurance for Bartok as soon as we got him and have never thought twice. I have had friends make that horrible choice between $$ and their pet, and I swore it would never be me. You of course hope you never have to use it, but the peace of mind is everything.
A couple of months ago, Bartok was playing with his sister and bonked his head. My boyfriend brought him into the bedroom saying, "I think something's wrong with Bartok." He turned on the light and I was shocked/horrified/scared to see that Bartok was a zombie! His pupils were huge, his head was rolling around and he was moaning.

Of course, we rushed him to the emergency vet in a panic. He came back to himself a bit but started drooling profusely. I was terrified, especially when the vet told us he would have to stay the night for monitoring and medicine. We went home around 2am not sure if we would ever see him again.

Thankfully, Bartok made it through the night and, over about a week, made a full recovery. It was a godsend knowing we had the insurance, and that he would absolutely get the best treatment, not matter the cost. When the doctor suggested a possible MRI (cost = $1,200 but turned out he didn't need it), there was no hesitation in saying, "whatever he needs." It was fabulous to at least not have the stress of worrying about paying for it.

The whole time we were at the vet, I was thinking how grateful I was to have insurance, and how hard it must be for those who have to thi

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head injury
Claim Amount
$500 - $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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