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After living with a cat who had hemophilia for 17 years, I vowed that my next cat would have health insurance. When that day came, I researched a few companies and was confused by all the incident limits, disease limits, lack of coverage for hereditary conditions, expensive wellness plans...I gave up. For some reason, I never looked at Petplan. Time passed and when I got a third cat, again I knew I had to choose insurance for them. This time I did look at Petplan and I liked what I read, so I signed my cats up.
Chepi had been successfully treated to manage vomiting from hairballs two months before my policy for her started. Things with her were fine until 5 months after her policy started when she began to vomit in a very different and disturbing fashion from her hairball vomiting. My vet referred me to a specialist where Chepi underwent ultrasound followed by exploratory surgery. The pathology report was not good. My three-and-a-half year-old cat has a metastatic duodenal mast cell tumor.

I enrolled this otherwise healthy cat in an oncology protocol where she is doing very, very well. I filed a claim for her $4000.00 plus diagnostic work-up and surgery. Petplan initially denied my claim as a pre-existing condition. Her clinical signs when she presented with the mast cell tumor were very different from when she was treated for hairballs 7 months previously, so I decided to file an appeal.

Chepi's vet, her oncologist and I wrote letters to Petplan to dispute

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American Bobtail

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