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I am so grateful to have found this insurance company for my pup. She's a 1.5 year old sweet little pom. I started out with the 'ASPCA' insurance but came to find out they don't cover anything congenital and they aren't even part of the ASPCA--they just bought the name. Lovely. I switched to VPI--got nothing but mixed messages, wrong information, nothing in writing or by email to confirm anything (I guess they had my address wrong). Worst of all, they said my dog was diagnosed with things she wasn't even diagnosed with--they never requested the medical records and made me do their job and give them the records so they could do an exclusion review--the results of which were not in my favor (idiots) and I only got them after I cancelled my policy. By the way, they do not guarantee a full refund--learned that the hard way too.
Healthy Paws is beyond awesome. I am so relieved to have found them! My dog just had double knee surgery for luxating patellas--if I had started with Healthy Paws, most of it would have been covered. I wish I knew. They cover congenital conditions. They have live people to talk to who return calls and who are helpful and nice. They have been nothing but easy and wonderful to work with. NONE of the problems I've had with VPI or ASPCA. So grateful. I want to spread the word.

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