Great service. Quick payments. But Ortho exam bad

Out of 10

The customer service has been awesome. Quick turn around on claims, with email notices keeping me up on what's happening. I love the Wellness rider. Helps me keep my pups healthy. They even processed an older claim when my vet's office realized they forgot to submit a claim after the normal filing window closes. They also were very accommodating when I had trouble getting a detailed invoice from a university vet clinic for a Holter Monitor.
The only thing I've been unhappy with was being inticed to do an Orthopedic Exam on my new little puppy, in hopes of waiving a waiting period. The puppy made some reaction(nothing audible) when the vet pulled on his leg, that the vet noted on the report. Embrace said it meant the puppy had some pre-existing ortho issues, and now they won't cover him for anything orthopedic. Since I didn't think my puppy had any ortho pain or range issues, I went back and had the vet do a second exam. She agreed there is nothing wrong with him orthopedically, and she sent Embrace an email and a second report. It could be important to me to have orthopedic coverage as my breed is known to have ortho issues as they age, especially. But they refused to reverse the pre-existing status. In hind sight, given I had no need to file a claim during the waiting period, I wish I had not had an early ortho exam done. It wasn't required, and it may have dire concequences (on my pocket book).

I certainly hope my puppy never encounters any orthopedic heal

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cardiac monitoring
Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Bernese Mountain Dog

Age of Pet
Under a year

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