I wish Healthy Paws offered human coverage!

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Let me start by saying I never write reviews, positive or negative.
The recent events with our 4 year old basset hound compel me to share our experience with Healthy Paws Pet Insurance.

We took our Buddy Lee to his regular vet, as his eyes had a slight discharge, and he seemed lethargic. The vet immediately suspected glaucoma and sent us directly to a veterinary ophthalmologist. The ophthalmologist confirmed the diagnosis of acute hereditary glaucoma. We were sent home with the suspicion that Buddy Lee had lost vision in his left eye, but that maybe his eye could be saved. Treatment with oral pills and eye drops was immediately employed.

This story does not have a happy ending. Four days later it was determined his vision had been permanently lost in the eye, and the severe pain he was experiencing could not be controlled with medication. His eye ball was removed, and the lid sutured closed.

We advised the ophthalmologist that Buddy Lee was covered by pet insurance. She completed the form, but warned that the disease is inherent to the basset hound breed, and her experience was that most pet insurance paid little to nothing for ophthalmology bills.

Now for the good news. 1-Dogs function 100% with one eye, and Buddy Lee is doing great. 2-Healthy Paws Pet Insurance paid hugely on the claim! They paid 90% of the bills after our deductible & diagnosis charges, which is exactly the policy we bought. There was no "usual & customary" nonsense, or hidden excl

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Eye problem

Claim Amount
Over $1000

Basset Hound

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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