Mr. Dooley is still with thanks to Petplan

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On a beautiful spring afternoon I took my dogs out play before a walk. On my first toss of the frisbee Mr.Dooley, our 8mo. old cavalier, took off with abandon down the hill. Not moments later I heard "thud" then "POP", the horrible screaming as Mr. Dooley rolled and held his right forarm up in the air. I ran to him and picked him up, he was crying simmilar to a human child. I rushed him to my vet for treatment. When my vet showed me the xray, my stomach dropped, I knew it was very serious. He had broken his right humerus in at least 3 places. They treated him and referred me to an orthopedic vetrinary surgeon with caution that at the very least he would need surgery or possibly an amputaion. I was so thankful I had signed Mr. Dooley up for Petplan as a young puppy. I knew that otherwise treatment may have been cost prohibitive. Mr. Dooley had a complicated surgery the next day. He had to have a pin, rod and plate to fix his elbow. Things went well, but he will have a long recovery and may need physical therapy. Petplan was easy to deal with I brought my claim forms with me and the vet filed them for me.Payment was promt and all follow up visits are covered under the initial claim so there is not a new deductable. And they will cover physical therapy too!! Every time I called and had questions the people I spoke with were knowledegable, plesant and helpful. I have already referred two friends from work. We work for a hospital and every one I have told comments how my dog's ins

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Accident/comminuted elbow fracture
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Age of Pet
Under a year

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