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We would not have had gopetplan if it wasn't for and boy did it pay off. Our dog hit his k9 tooth on something and burst the blood vessel. Because we had gopetplan, we opted for the root canal ($1.8k) to save the tooth rather than merely extracting it. We had never made a claim and were concerned we were taking a risk. Then, at his appointment, the vet saw that two other teeth were damaged also and needed to be removed. $1.8k went to $3.6k in under a minute. I about gave myself an ulcer.
Gopetplan covered everything. Our cost was 20% because we went to a board certified specialist rather than using our normal vet (highly recommended). Gopetplan didn't nit pick with the charges and covered everything except the $150 cleaning fee (they don't cover preventative including cleanings). We were afraid gopetplan would try to stick us with the anesthesia that would have been required for a cleaning anyhow (and was hundreds of dollars), but they didn't. I was shocked. This was my first experience ever with an insurer who volunteered to cover something that could have been disputed. The anesthesia is billed per hour and the cleaning certainly rang up the bill.

Their reimbursement was quick and simple. The vast majority of pet insurance carriers on this site don't cover any dental. Do your research. It appears there are only a couple of pet insurance companies worth having and Gopetplan is at the top of my list.

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