Saving Gracie

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Petplan, thank you for paying $2,364 for Wildrose Abbie's Save by Grace's (Gracie) tibial plateau leveling osteotomy (TPLO) surgery. Gracie had a partially torn ACL due to bilateral hip dysplasia. Gracie is not even two years old and is a very important member of our family. Gracie is more than a family pet. Gracie is a Diabetic Alert Service Dog that takes care of my 7 year old Type 1 Diabetic, Abbie. Abbie has hypoglycemic unawareness and can not feel when her blood glucose goes dangerously low. If Abbie's blood glucose goes too low, she can have seizures. If her blood glucose levels go too high, it can result in ketoacidosis which can destroy vital organs. Gracie is able to detect when Abbie's blood glucose levels go too high (above 180) or too low (below 100) and warn us so we can take care of Abbie. Gracie alerts consistently to highs and lows at night and during the day. She even rings a bell at night to let us know when we need to check Abbie. Thank you for being a such a wonderful, reputable company. Gracie can now take care of Abbie for many years to come and continue to live up to her name.

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ACL Surgery (TPLO)
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