Pet Plan - Saved me over $5000.00 in 2 yrs

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Well, I had no idea how much owing a dog would be. I am single and on a very tight budget, but wanted to get a dog for years....Cole is such a joy, but if I did not have Pet Plan...I really could not afford him. In two years of owning Cole, he has had 2 surgeries.First one was for a surprising illness...Leg Disease which is fairly uncommon...Cole had intermittent limping; and had to have surgery which was over $2000; Pet Plan reimbursed me $1800.00.

Less than 18 months later...I had to take him to the Emergency room...and found out he had Bladder Stones and needed emergency surgery...Who knew bladder stones were $4000.00! Pet Plan is reimbursing me $3800.00 as I have a $200.00 deductible.

If it was not for Pet Plan....I truly could not afford to keep Cole. I know people who have other plans....and they minimal reimbursement and the claims seem to be a hassle. They really make the process simple, are really helpful!

I recommend getting the $200.00 deductible plan with the 100% reimbursement. The cost is well worth it. I purchased the Bronze...and now wish I would of purchased the GOLD...because after you own the plan you can not upgrade.

Cole and I both thank Pet Plan for taking great care of us!!!!

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Leg Calf Parthes Disease
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Brussels Griffon

Age of Pet
Under a year

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Posted: 06/23/2011

Did you contact PetPlan about upgrading? I have upgraded my dog's policy several times without any problem at all. We went from Bronze to Silver and now, he is on the Gold plan.

Posted: 07/04/2011

Sounds very good and paid exactly what the policy deductible allowed for each surgery. I am seriously considering PETPLAN, but not quite sure yet, as there are two other pet insurance companies which are rated as high or close to PETPLAN's ratings. Good to know though, PETPLAN does take care of "most" of their policy holders.