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We adopted an abused and abandoned puppy in January and were told he could have some health problems down the road because of malnutrition and abuse. That is why I bought the insurance. Unfortunately it was a very short "road". In the five months we have had him, we have already spent over $7000.00. Also unfortunately, many of his problems have been deemed "pre-existing". Still Embrace has made buying the policy well worth it. Just a note to anyone on the fence about buying insurance, don't wait! Purchase the insurance BEFORE there are any "pre-existing" conditions. I guarantee you will appreciate it when (not if) your dog blows out his knees or has to have any kind of surgery. I did a lot of research before I bought Embrace and I feel I made the right decision. My poor little 9 month old puppy, Prancer, has already had to have surgery on all four of his legs. He can't walk as of this time, but we hope with physical therapy that will change. Even though Prancer has had so many challenges, we don't regret adopting him as he is a very loveable and smart boy. What we do regret is the little boys who were abusing him when he was rescued. When did little boys decide it was okay to hurt a 3 month old puppy instead of bringing him home with the request to mom, "Can I keep him?"

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lameness in all legs
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Labrador Mix

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