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Our dog, Dayton, a combination of whatever it took to get the sweetest twenty pound woofer in the world, was T-boned three times by a big, nasty dog whose master was out to lunch. When our guy got to his feet, only three of them were working. We took him to our vet who, having taken the customary expensive X-Rays, determined that the little guy hadn't broken anything and sent us home with an anti-inflammatory.
We submitted the claim (through the vet) on a Saturday. Early the following week we provided detail on the incident that the vet had not included in his report. Ten days after the claim was submitted, we were notified that a check was in the mail.

I'm as impressed by the fact that Embrace trusted our account of the incident as I am with the speed of their reimbursement. It's impossible to verify the facts of such an encounter when the human and canine players have dispersed, and another company might have tried to deny our claim for lack of any supporting facts. Embrace didn't, an all-too-rare display of integrity in today's business world.

I paid a bit more for this insurance because every comment I read suggested the company was in a class by itself. I second that sentiment.

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Injury from accident
Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
Under a year

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