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When Lucy, our four-year-old Rottweiler mix, suddenly developed a strange head tilt and began to lose her balance, we knew something was wrong. Our normally sure-footed, strong and energetic dog could barely stand up and was lethargic and sad looking. When we took her to our family vet and they could find no obvious cause for her symptoms, we began to fear the worst and were told to see a specialist to have an MRI done to look for tumors. Thankfully, we knew that our PetPlan coverage would help with the high cost of the MRI and we were able to focus on getting Lucy the best treatment available. When the MRI came back clean, the neurologist diagnosed Lucy with viral meningitis, possibly related to lyme disease. Normally, such a diagnosis would be scary in and of itself but we were relieved that her condition was treatable and within a week Lucy was back to her energetic, loving and somewhat devious personality that we fell in love with when we adopted her. As always, PetPlan told us to get Lucy taken care of and they would make sure we were covered. I appreciate the way PetPlan always asks about your pet first and their great customer service. We would highly recommend PetPlan to any pet owner.

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Viral meningitis
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