Overall very satisfed with the insurance

Out of 10

We have had VPI for 6 years and are generally very pleased. We covered our 2 cats then and added another cat 4 years ago. We have gotten our premiums back and a lot more. The only complaint we have is that the cat we added was 3 when we got him and they determined that his back problem was pre-existing. I really don't think pre-x should be applied for a condition that could not have been known about by the owners when the pet was adopted. That said, we have recommended VPI to many people. We are on the older plans with the $50 per incident deductible and have the wellness coverage. The annual deductible plans seem too expensive. I agree with some of the reviews that the allowable amounts seem low, but we have always received back more than expected.

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Skin problem




Claim Amount
Over $1000

Maine Coon

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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