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Koyuk is a very active Klee Kai who loves to play in the snow, show in conformation, participate in rally obedience trials, and harass (I mean love!) her dog-brother, Rohn. That’s why when she started limping on her rear hind leg, we got really concerned. After a few vet visits, it was determined Koyuk was suffering from luxating patella and needed surgery. Thanks to PetPlan, this condition was fully covered, and we received our $1300 check in less than a week! A month later, we had to have the pin surgically removed from her leg, and PetPlan sent us the $275 reimbursement check within 2 weeks. Koyuk is getting around better each day, and her prognosis is excellent. We tell everyone we know that PetPlan insurance is the best money you can spend on your pets. Thanks PetPlan!

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