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Dear…. You asked how Maggie is doing. Well, THANKS TO VPI she’s doing very well. First some background. Maggie is our 12+ year old white miniature schnauzer. Like many other dogs, Maggie (real name “Magnolia”) is much more than a pet. She is a devoted companion to my wife who uses an electric scooter around the house due to contracting polio as a six year old. Maggie is not a trained service or assistance dog but she certainly assists in the mental well-being of our family. My wife lost her mother in January 2009 and her father was very ill when Maggie’s health problem arose. Last year at this time she was just a few weeks out of major surgery. We were given the following choices by our wonderful vet (Scott Andersen, Waugh Chapel Animal Hospital, Gambrills,MD ) and by Dr. Robert McDonald (the veterinary neurosurgeon who was brought into the case). Our choices were: (1) Do nothing. This would have led to Maggie soon being unable to walk. (2) Keep Maggie on medication to make her comfortable. (3) Have major surgery performed on her spine. The surgery could be risky but Dr. McDonald said it could offer Maggie a few more years of a quality life. With VPI in my back pocket, we cautiously approached Maggie’s surgery. Before the January 6, 2010 surgery she needed an MRI. So we met the Dr. Mc at an MRI facility for humans. He had permission to use their facilities after “regular” hours. The cost for the MRI was about $1,500. VPI covered about

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Needed soine surgery; back legs not working
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Over $1000

Miniature Schnauzer

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Over 8 years

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