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We initially loved Figo, especially because we insured our cat later in life, and not a lot of pet insurance companies offer decent pet insurance when the pets are older. Figo (or at least our policy) was originally underwritten by Markel. When they were bought out by Independence America (last year or two), they literally tripled our premium at the renewal date, and substantially reduced the benefits and also created a huge spike in our deductible. Plus, the customer service during that transition was very uneducated and not very helpful. Of course, now we can’t switch due to several conditions which would be considered pre-existing to another company.

That alone was very disappointing. But then, they became incredibly focused on scrutinizing each claim to find a reason to not pay it. Any loophole they can find, they leverage it. I have had to appeal two separate claims and even with letters from our veterinarian, indicating why the treatment fell under my policy's terms, they don't budge - or budge very minutely, but not enough to really make a difference. I'm not sure they're even honoring their appeal process, as they're supposed to get an independent veterinarian involved, and I've received no assessments from another vet.

Also, some of the terms make no sense. For example, they don't cover oral surgery, at all - even if it's due to an illness or disease. Our cat has an oral mass that needed to be removed and in order to remove the mass, they had to remove the tooth. Figo decided not to cover the entire surgery because they claim that it was oral surgery to do a tooth extraction. They said they would only cover it, if it was an accident/injury - not an illness. But the main reason that we get pet insurance is to cover illness, diseases, etc. This simply doesn't make sense to me.

And now, they are not paying things that they had paid a few months ago (still same policy year). It's super sad and discouraging to pour so much into premiums and deductibles, only to find them constantly finding loopholes to not pay the claims.

We have Healthy Paws for our other 3 creatures - literally Thank God. HP is the absolute best pet insurance company, and are very generous in their claim reviews and payments, and take their customers at their word, placing a high value on customer care / service. If you're going to invest in pet insurance, skip Figo, for sure. Choose Healthy Paws

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