Caymans year end mess

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Healthy Paws was by my side thru a horrible ordeal with my fur baby! My little guy, Cayman, a 11lb yorkie recently had taken a nice long walk with us on a beautiful late October day. When we got home we noticed he was limping. We took to the vet and found that he had torn his Ligiment in his leg/knee and that the cost was approx 4000$ I scheduled surgery and had the repair done. I filed the claim right after and was reimbursed immediately! Then while recovering from that he started vomiting and would not stop. We returned to the vet to find that he basically had a gall bladder going bad. We tried meds first because the risk of removal of a gall bladder holds a very high mortality rate 20-40% !! Meds didn’t work and 2 weeks later he was vomiting again. Back to vet immediately and was told he needed it removed that day and would be approx 6000-8000$. Needless to say we paid the bill and he had the surgery and today he is doing fantastic ! I filed that claim and was reimbursed immediately again. We had to put out almost 12k durning Xmas and their timely manner got me almost all of my money back. I can’t imagine not having the policy on him. I would of had to made the decision for his quality of life. I have my little guys with me today because of Healthy Paws and my great physicians. Thank you Healthy Paws for your help and your efficiency in getting my claims processed.

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