Best thing I ever do for my dogs, and my peace of mind.

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I joined petplan in Feb 2009, 4 months after I lost my 8 year old Switzerland Bailey to a dog attack. Bailey was seriously hurt, and on the road to recovery when his wounds became infected, and I lost him. During the initial surgery, the cost went from $1000 to $4100 in less than 3 hours. I moved stocks, and savings, and all was good. I wasn't prepared for the infection costs, and unfortunately worried as much about the cost as I did Bailey's survival. When he died, all I thought about for days was how I paid everything and still didn't have my dog. I never wanted to choose between my dog and the cost again, so from that point I promised myself I would always have pet insurance. I chose Petplan in Feb 2009 because it was one of the few insurance companies that covered almost all illnesses/injuries that weren't pre-existing the contract. The seller for me was the no annual cap. I know first hand how fast vet costs can add up, and I didn't want a limit on the amount of care for my dogs. Since 2009, petplan has cared for my dogs through cancer, valley fever, eye cysts, liver failure, rhinitis, allergies, accidental poisoning, spinal disorder, tooth pulling, and right before Christmas this year, emergency surgery to remove a linear obstruction. All 3 dogs are still healthy, and thriving because I concentrate on caring for them and not worrying about paying for care. All the people I have dealt with at petplan are/were terrific; yesterday, Alyssa went above and beyond by constantly checking to make sure my claims were received and processed. She is just another reason why I love this insurance company.

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