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I was warned that white dogs, particularly white boxers could be medical nightmares, particularly throughout puppyhood. Well, Shane is 17 days away from turning 1 and he's had: coccidia, giardia, a rash, and ear infection, an eye infection, enteritis, an abscess on his foot, preputial discharge and 2 weeks ago he decided he wasn't strong enough to do anything but lay down. This lasted 4 days with minor, gradual improvements from day to day but it scared the daylights out of me and he ended up getting 2 rounds of blood work done. The first labs came back very poor and I was sent to Animal Medical Center for a more thorough checkup. Well, by the time we got to AMC Shane was asymptomatic but they ran the 2nd round of blood tests and they were a little better, but still inconclusive. What was conclusive was that he has a heart murmur that I should get a baseline test for and watch as he ages. (Not uncommon in boxers.) All this being said, I'm not sure what I'd do without Embrace. There are a couple things I looked for when comparing the various insurance companies: 1. Exam fee is covered and 2. NOT a per incident deductible. That disqualified 98% of the other companies. I was left with 2 and Embrace had a higher cap on hip dysplasia (which boxers are prone to), so Embrace won .. not to mention Christopher's incredible customer service and knowledge about not just Embrace's policies, but their competitor's policies. In the coming years I am positive Embrace will make money off of

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anorexia, polyarthropathy .. you name it.
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